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Food of the Dogs


As a family living in Bondi Beach, we embrace a healthy lifestyle. We give only the highest quality fresh food to our 8 year old boy Marley Danger. Every Saturday we are over at the growers markets buying our weekly supply of pesticide free and organic fruit and veggies.

Then, a few years ago, we decided to get a dog… and what a dog he is! When we got our chocolate Labrador, he was the biggest of the litter (the only boy too). And his paws we huge! Named Odin after the Norse God (no reference to the Marvel universe we promise), he quickly grew into a powerful 45kg eating machine. But there was a problem.

Early on in Odin’s life, we realized that that he was not reacting well to store bought food at all. Multiple visits to the vet because of constant bouts of diarrhoea, vomiting, flatulence and flaky coat pushed us into action! We researched tirelessly about dog nutrition, asking ourselves "what do dogs eat",  learning which produce and meats provide the best nutrition for dogs.

Through necessity we started cooking for him and trialling different variations of meat and vegetable combinations. We finally created a recipe that fixed his sensitive belly and flaky, dry coat. Now he absolutely glows!

At the age of 2.5 years, Odin can be seen around Bondi Beach, dragging us by his leash and powerful strides to the park. His diet of Food of the Dogs, keeps him incredible healthy and active.


  • Marcus Founder - Cook - Delivery - Bearded Dude
  • Melinda Founder - Cook - Admin - Badass
  • Marley Assistant - Rockstar
  • Odin Dog - Cuddlemonger - Fluffypants

“We will deliver 14 pre-portioned healthy meals to your door each week”

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