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Food of the Dogs

By answering a few simple questions on our ordering page about your dogs weight, activity levels etc, we can automatically formulate the correct portion size.

Portion controlled feeding is considered by many experts to be the best approach for dogs in all life stages. It allows you to carefully monitor your pet’s food intake, which can help reduce their likelihood of developing obesity and other related diseases. If you feel the serving size is too small or too much, let us know and we can alter it to suit your pup.

The process

Set up your weekly orders. Payments will come out of your account every Tuesday. You can pause or cancel your order anytime with one week's notice.

We home cook Food of the Dogs every weekend when we receive our weekly delivery of fresh local produce and meat.

Your Food of the Dogs meals will be delivered every Tuesday. If you aren’t home when we arrive, we can leave your order at the door in our reusable freezer bags.

Your food comes individually portioned in vacuum sealed bags. Simply snip and pour into a bowl. Keep some in the freezer to be thawed out later.

Your dog will be one happy and healthy member of the Food of the Dogs family!

How much does it cost per week?

The easiest way to work out the cost of our natural, homecooked dog food, is to visit the store and simply select your “DOGS WEIGHT” and “WEEKLY ACTIVITY” from the drop down lists. The weekly cost will then appear below the form.

Otherwise, you can check the table below for your specific pet. All pricing refers to two meals per day (14 meals per week).

Dog's weightDog's activity level
 INACTIVE - 1-3 slow walks p/wkAVERAGE - 4-7 walks p/wkACTIVE - 7+ walks p/wk
 cost p/weekcost p/daycost p/weekcost p/daycost p/weekcost p/day
4 - 6 kg$28.00$4.00$30.00$4.28$33.00$4.71
7 - 10 kg$41.00$5.85$45.00$6.42$49.00$7.00
11 - 15 kg$55.00$7.85$58.00$8.28$63.00$9.00
16 - 20 kg$66.00$9.42$70.00$10.00$77.00$11.00
21 - 25 kg$74.00$10.57$81.00$11.57$89.00$12.71
26 - 30 kg$86.00$12.28$94.00$13.42$105.00$15.00
31 - 35 kg$94.00$13.42$100.00$14.28$114.00$16.28
36 - 40 kg$100.00$14.28$110.00$15.71$121.00$17.28
41 - 45 kg$110.00$15.71$120.00$17.14$134.00$19.14
46 - 50 kg$120.00$17.14$130.00$18.57$145.00$20.71
51 - 55 kg$130.00$18.85$140.00$20.00$157.00$22.42
56 - 60 kg$140.00$20.00$150.00$21.42$165.00$23.57

We make things easy

With our dog food recipes, you will never run out of food again!

We deliver freshly cooked homemade dog food weekly.

Order your food of the dogs now

Transitioning to Food of the Dogs

As dog owners all know, when changing styles/brands of food, it takes some time for our dogs tummies to adjust to the new foods. The same applies when changing from store bought food (whether it is dry or wet food) to Food of the Dogs. The good news is, we will be here for you and your dog to make sure everything goes smoothly, as we have come up with, through much nutritional research, some of the best dog food recipes on the market.

It is completely normal, when first introducing new food such as Food of the Dogs, for your dog’s stool to become looser (possibly even diarrhea briefly) or in increase in flatulence. We recommend starting off slowly, gradually mixing in Food of the Dogs to your dog’s current food over a number of days.

To help with this, we will provide for the first week some half size portions to your delivery as well as some full size portions. This will allow their digestive system to become accustom to the new tastes, textures and ingredients of their new diet. Each day as you increase the amount of Food of the Dogs in their bowl, you can decrease the amount of their old food.


After 7 days, you dog will be accustomed to Food of the Dogs and will be a new member of the FOTD army!

Watch them grow happier & healthier each day!

Order your food of the dogs now

Tread Lightly on the Earth logo

We care very deeply for the state of our planet and all that live on it. Just as we want to feed ourselves, and our dogs the best food possible, we also want to reduce the amount of waste we create.

As a result, we bring your dog meals in our reusable cooler bags instead of using limited use cardboard boxes. Each time we deliver, you can either unpack while we wait or we can leave the bag and pick up next time we see you. If the bag is not returned, there will be a $25 fee added to your next order.

We all need to leave a lighter footprint and paw print on this Earth and with Food of the Dogs, we can!

Your dog will adore our loving prepared meals

You will see over time an improvement in their health, poop and fur

Order your food of the dogs now